Let’s Get to Know You

Below is a simple, and hopefully fun, little questionnaire designed to help us get to know you, your style, and your project quickly…yet in detail. So, please take some time to complete the form and be as accurate and complete as possible. We'll review your answers together during your initial design consultation. Then, after that appointment, we'll be able to provide you an accurate project proposal outlining our services and fees for your specific project.

Thanks and we look forward to working together on the design of your home!

Consultation/walkthru fee: $275 | Includes review of intake form + 1-hr site/remote visit.

Please complete the form below:


So we know where to go for your initial design consult!

What level of design services are you seeking? In other words, how much involvement do you want from your designer?

Which space(s) are involved in this project? If more than one space, please be sure to list all of them (in priority order).

What is the total square footage for all spaces involved in the project? For this purpose, a total number is fine, or a basic length and width of each room will also work!

Please check any of the boxes below to tell us which aspects of the space(s) you want to include in the design.

Please indicate whether or not you would like to make any renovations to the existing space(s). For this purpose, renovations could include structural changes like removing a wall, electrical or plumbing changes like relocating a fixture, material changes like replacing flooring, etc.

What is the construction budget for the project?

What is the finish budget for this project? This number should include all furnishings, fixtures, finishes & accessories. Designer fees should be separate.

Do you have a deadline for the project? If not, you can leave this blank. As a reference, a full-service interior design process typically takes 3-6 months.

In a brief statement, tell us your main goals for the design of the space(s). For example.. better functionality, more light, updated furnishings, more storage, open up the space, more cohesive style, etc. In this section, please feel free to list the current design issues/problems you have with your space.

How would you describe your design style, or the desired design style for the space(s)?

Please include a link here to inspirational images from Pinterest, Houzz, etc. so that we can see what you are envisioning and get a feel for design that you are drawn to!


This is just another space for you to include a second link to inspiration images, if you want.


What colors appeal to you for the space(s)? And, what colors do you dislike? Listing both is important!

Tell us how you use the space(s) and/or any special requirements you have for the space(s). For example.. we relax and watch TV, we love to entertain, we need a place to display our collection, we work from home, we need a spot for our kids to play, etc.

Since we source design products from a variety of sources (local, online, and to-the-trade only), please tell us if there are any shops/stores you absolutely love for furniture and decor and we'll be happy to start there!

How would you describe your furnishings budget and desired design approach?

Do you have any items, furniture pieces, or finishes that you want to remain in the new design of your space(s)? For example.. the flooring stays, the sofa stays, etc. If so, tell us about them below. Then, during your initial consultation we'll take photos, dimensions, etc. that we'll need to incorporate them into the design.

Be sure to tell us if you have any major dislikes that you don't want to see in the design of your space(s). For example, certain colors, patterns, trends, or styles that you don't like, or certain stores you don't like to shop at, etc.

While we do our best to make the design process easy and fun, interior design projects can be complex, lengthy, and full of decisions. What kind of decision maker are you?

Please list the names of any other decision makers:

Have you worked with an interior designer before?

All designers are a little different, so we'd love for you to tell us what your experience has been and/or what your expectations are in working with a designer.

Is there anything else we should know about you, your project, or your space(s). If so, please tell us more!